The bank in cooperation with Alipay to promote online banking online shopping behind the outbreak

July 23rd, the Bank of China reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Alibaba, Bank of China online banking online payment function.

August 24th, cooperation with Alipay bank, GF, Bank of China, China Everbright, Societe Generale, China Merchants Bank and other six banks launched a credit card payment service.

so far, there are 19 national banks, including six state-owned banks, 1 foreign banks and 32 regional city commercial banks have reached with Alipay online payment products cooperation.

the Internet is changing the world, which is almost an argument that does not need to be proved. So, on the same basis of the financial industry, it also brought exactly what kind of change and influence? From Alipay cooperation with the bank, people can see the characters.

online banking and Alipay had hit it off

she can still remember when she can in order to shop at Taobao, specially to the bank to do a debit card and open online banking. ICBC online banking online payment function has been, so I clearly remember a lot of customers, especially young users in order to be able to open online shopping online banking functions." ICBC Hubei Branch Electronic Banking Department official told reporters that the development of e-commerce has greatly promoted the development of online banking.

bank’s cooperation with Alipay kicked off this.

according to insiders, at the end of twentieth Century, the bank counter handle liquidation, individual payment deficits, have launched online banking, but because of the use of the Internet is not popular, the number of Internet users Chinese limited, coupled with the Internet banking lack of application scenarios and the corresponding guarantee mechanism, the actual use of online banking are very small, very slow development of online banking business.

after a long time of communication and negotiation, the first ICBC with Alipay in 2005 signed a cooperation agreement, the Alipay bank debit card and credit card use in platform on their own right, also be equal to icbc net function disguised transfer to the Alipay platform. Soon, from the beginning of March 2006, the Agricultural Bank, construction bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Minsheng Bank and other more than and 10 banks have to join Alipay in just a few months, the co-development of China e-commerce market. "The development of Alipay and banks are very early to see the electronic banking business is inevitable trend of banking innovation under e-commerce." Veteran financial cooperation Alipay said.

August 25, 2005, Alipay officially discontinued the bank counter remittance business line, to fully support the development of electronic banking business. Online shopping to promote the explosive growth of online banking.

, an e-commerce expert says to the reporter, Alipay has become a pioneer and Pathfinder of major banks in the field of electronic commerce. At that time, as banks began to vigorously promote the electronic banking and credit card business, the bank hopes to use Alipay to integrate its not covered many cardholders and small businesses, while Alipay is eager to.

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