Fang Wei buy site operations model to explore how to operate the local network

the rapid rise of the U.S. mission network, as if to let us see a new Internet business model. Over the past 1 years, the domestic online shopping market scale reached about 200000000000, and the speed of the linear speed increases, although the logistics industry has been well developed, but online shopping can not solve some offline activities needs. As a vertical field where the group is a good solution to this, through the success of the U.S. mission network, we look at how to operate a local group buying site.

one, leaflets marketing model

leaflets to promote the terminology is a traditional way of promotion, but also to attract people quickly approach. We look at the cost of propaganda leaflets: A4 double-sided color printing is about 3 cents / piece, if more than 3000 words is about 2 cents / Zhang, hiring a part-time student issued leaflets fee is 60 yuan / day, in accordance with the day issued 1000 cases to count the cost of one day is 260 block. Where can choose some people in the flow of the big prosperous downtown, 25 young people around the age distribution, can also go to the university to distribute around, because this part of the crowd most have online shopping experience, and this part basically every week have a party like activities, so the local group purchase pre selected from the restaurant talk about business is also more appropriate.

two, community promotion

according to the survey, the most prosperous section of the local community is making friends, so do community promotion can be considered from this point. Case: a gentleman registered a female ID, and then went to a Baidu closer to the beauty of life pictures, made his head. Then, the fuzzy control of the product, so that you can probably see that is a beauty profile. Then, went to the forum personals column published a post, and to handle the photos posted up, then write some personal requirements, which is the most important point is that the small woman especially love online Amoy Dongdong, I object if online shopping experience is preferred, and left his mailbox want to say, for more contact details can be sent to my mailbox, if the conditions are right, I will take the initiative to contact you. The mailbox is configured to automatically reply content, is a small woman visiting group purchase website, just found a gift for their favorite for a long time, or a restaurant, and then made a survey, 76% people will click on the link to the website.

three, word of mouth promotion program

word of mouth promotion is to promote local groups to buy more money saving model. With the continuous development of society, people’s demand for the quality of life is getting higher and higher, especially some girls who love beauty, in general every week to do some skin care, beauty and the like. The female is in the promotion of the word of mouth can play the most rapid propaganda effect. For example, do buy from the local point of view can be cut from this point, the investigation of the more well-known local beauty shop, a relatively good local beauty shop is generally 1 years to engage in a member discount activities. Therefore, there are a lot of women who would like to participate in the discount but miss the opportunity

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