Big seller the first cross border electricity supplier Amazon novice sellers shop guide


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cross-border mierkat


Amazon’s first novice seller growth guide!


shop, product selection, promotion, operation Raiders


50 cross-border electricity supplier industry leaders recommend

Exclusive interview with

more than 10 cross-border electricity supplier big coffee (including video)

9 modules, nearly 20 words in the actual dry cargo,

covers the Amazon registration, product selection, operations, logistics, payment and other aspects of the whole


book content

this book is for those interested in the export of cross-border electricity supplier, hoping to enter the export of cross-border electricity supplier in the field of work, focusing on the Amazon as the main platform for cross-border electricity supplier to explain how to set up shop, product selection, logistics, payment, promotion of knowledge and skills, at the same time as the open learning perspective, specifically an exclusive interview with a dozen large coffee industry share ideas.

main content includes the following three modules:

first, the global cross-border electricity supplier development trend, cross-border platform data analysis,

Basic knowledge of

second, Amazon, shop, product selection, logistics, payment, promotion and other

third, a collection of 10 several cross-border electricity big coffee industry interview with record


book highlights

first, for the first time the global mainstream cross-border electricity supplier platform summary and tabulation of comparative analysis, designed to help learners a comprehensive and objective understanding of the pattern of global cross-border electricity supplier and development.

second, in the Amazon as the core platform, comprehensive system about shop, product selection, logistics, payment, promotion, operation and other practical problems, a summary of the nearly 200 combat skills and common problems.

third, an exclusive interview with the 10 cross-border several large coffee, including Pepsi Thailand, three state and value chain of listed companies, the article is equipped with two-dimensional code, direct broadcast video interview.

, Fourth Books on practical operation, convenient for learners to communicate, build a communication platform for the reader, the reader can communicate with the editorial board of practical problems whenever and wherever possible.

fifth, book production, well-designed.


dozens of cross-border large coffee strongly recommended

book system integrity, rigorous structure, a comprehensive system, very suitable for cross-border electricity supplier NEW

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