Taobao admits to buy Juhuasuan products frequently recruit

              May 24th, Taobao Jianghu Jingxian mysterious man generous recognition of Juhuasuan for Taobao’s group purchase platform, with the rapid development of cheap poly Amoy arena, triggered an unprecedented scale of recruitment.

Tao Jianghu’s Juhuasuan, launched in March this year, the small scale has been low-key promotion, and only in a cost-effective and never claimed, marking the group purchase label, until the last day in Amoy arena a mysterious man discovered a diary in a job posting, marked "we admit, Taobao group purchase platform is Taobao Jianghu Juhuasuan!" aid=40185732?.

as a leader in Asia to online shopping, is not in the form of group purchase started on the occasion to give up this huge cake, Taobao in the beginning chose to wait, until 2010, the network group purchase for the first time in front of people, more than four years have passed. In April 7, 2010, there was also internal staff broke the news: "(Taobao group purchase platform) launched 1 months to" completely killed "the U.S. group, F group, handle and other domestic small scale and" fully understand e-commerce, it will only help people copy foreign models ". Take advantage of, now Juhuasuan, daily PV million, single day single product group purchase over a million pieces, the speed of development, Juhuasuan was launched less than half the time they accidentally made the largest online shopping platform, China, true prediction at the beginning of April the mysterious insider. It is precisely because of this, Juhuasuan chose to publish recruitment information in this way is particularly special in this way, and the recruitment of the aspirations of the presentation, across the network can feel.

This is not a form of

through the official recruitment notice is very attractive, almost nothing to attract attention: the background with ALI group, well-known in Asia, as well as the status of Juhuasuan in the group purchase industry, in the current employment is very grim situation, doubt is cast a heavy bomb. Only the three point advantage is enough to attract a huge number of applicants; and in the recruitment of a small "flaws", pay attention to the author, in this attractive recruitment.

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