Best buy in the new mode of beauty electricity supplier leading online and offline test

days ago, best buy released ~12 months of November 2012 results announcement, the domestic entity store sales decline narrowed sharply over the same period last year.

compared to the performance to pick up, major decisions of the United States in the near future to make the best buy more is to let the industry surprised, according to home appliance channel reported that best buy will be in the United States to store sales under the online sales management department.

adfaith management consultant Zhang Dazhi told the "daily economic news" reporter said, "best buy online offline management decision" may not improve the store sales performance is not optimistic, because will have their own logic and traditional e-commerce together, it is easy to go wrong.

business model has been questioned in China

due to the dual brand mode and the effect of management buyout, best buy in China has been considered The climate does not suit one". Last year, when the last store off in Shanghai, best buy announced a comprehensive exit Chinese market. After the defeat of its business model China best buy, challenged from all walks of life, even in the next year, best buy performance decline, founder of resignation, the executives repeatedly turnover shock factors.

data show that in 2012, second quarter operating income was $10 billion 550 million, down 2.8%, a net profit of $12 million, earnings per share of $0.04, up sharply down 91%. The third quarter, best buy total revenues of approximately $10 billion 753 million, down 3.5%. Among them, the U.S. market revenue of $7 billion 673 million, down 4.7%, the international market revenue of $3 billion 80 million, a decrease of less than 1%. Net loss of $10 million.

According to

, Champoux consulting analyst Jia Yanwei analysis, best buy in Chinese market withdrawal of two reasons from inside and outside, the external reason is China electronic consumer goods such as whether it is a physical store or online stores, the market competition has been very intense, but in America, Suning, Jingdong based business tycoon has been basically formed the electronic structure of the domestic market, it is difficult for new entrants to open up the situation. The internal reasons are the electronics retailer best buy to enter the market China five star acquisition belongs to the local, the lack of national channels, it is not conducive to long-term business development; and best buy again to its own brand shop and separation of capital, makes the two can not be fully developed, resulting in the best buy store will have to exit Chinese and concentrate on operating five star appliance.

"of course, best buy is not the first nor the last one out of Chinese market retail group. How to make appropriate changes to the needs of Chinese sellers is always a problem that needs to be solved before similar enterprises." Zhang Dazhi said.

online management line to break the traditional

today, best buy in the United States to "store sales under the online sales management department" >

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