Alipay SMS verification fees next year or over 500 million of total revenue


] October 28th news billion state power network, billion state power network that will start automatically shut down Alipay check SMS free service in 2014, the future will be a way to open account debit and the settlement service users.

according to the new adjustment, January 2014 1 date, the original free SMS verification service offline, the user can choose to open each send payment check code service, service for a period of 31 days from the date of expiration, automatic renewals, monthly accounts regularly charge 0.6 yuan.

According to

billion state power network understanding, SMS verification service for mobile phone dynamic password security is a free service, value-added services provided by Alipay, users in the application of SMS verification service, modify the Alipay account key information or transaction exceeds a certain amount, the need to increase the steps of mobile phone SMS verification, in order to improve the safety of users of Alipay account.

previously, SMS verification service for free and paid in two ways, including pay per payment service will send a verification code; and the free version will be in single or more than 200 yuan cumulative daily payment of more than 1000 yuan will send a verification code.

in the free SMS verification service line early in June this year, Alipay will be free SMS verification service amount from 200 yuan to 500 yuan.

0.6 yuan although unremarkable, but has always been many littles make a mickle. mode of operation of the Internet business. Historical data show that as of December 2012, Alipay registered accounts exceeded 800 million, the peak daily turnover of more than 20 billion yuan, on the number of transactions reached 1 peak million in 5 million 800 thousand pen. If calculated in accordance with 800 million users, are opening every year paid SMS verification, this single service can Alipay contribute nearly 500 million yuan of income.

for those who do not want to continue to pay for the user, the user can apply for withdrawal. At the same time, in addition to providing SMS verification, Alipay also supports digital certificate, such as mobile phone, make treasure third party certificates and other security services account. After several security products from the security level and the amount of payment on the point of view, are much higher than the SMS verification, and are free version.

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