Tmall to get through the line under the direct delivery of the fastest 3 hours can be served

April 8th, JACK&JONES Tmall flagship store quietly launched a new service. After the consumer online shopping, the order will be assigned to the nearest line from the consumer counters, consumers can receive the fastest 3 hours package, the day before the order of 18 points, you can achieve the same day receipt.

reporter learned that, at present, this service has been piloted in Beijing. To the end of the month, the service will continue to expand to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou 5 city. Relevant staff said that in order to ensure the quality of service, has taken a background screening mode. Consumers in the JACK&JONES Tmall flagship store orders, orders will be assigned to the nearest distance counter screening line issued by logistics partner Vientiane rookie network pick up after direct delivery to the consumer, the logistics development mode for consumers to send up the fastest 3 hours to receive parcels.

according to the time of the consumer orders, the next line store every day in three batches of delivery, to ensure that consumers in the morning, at noon, receiving orders; at noon, in the evening receive goods; evening orders, before the end of 21 points. As long as the order before 18 in the evening, the day can receive the goods.

rookie network relevant responsible person said Duan Zhiguo, through collaboration with partners in Vientiane logistics, the rookie has opened up business and distribution service providers and businesses to complete the docking system, order response mechanism, packing speed, delivery staff onsite Lanshou speed and other aspects of the depth optimization. This new logistics service standards will be distributed in the city’s various brand stores fully revitalize, while greatly reducing the distribution distance and enhance the distribution of aging, and strengthen the brand stores and the connection between the user. With the future of the service to more businesses and category promotion, online shopping goods shopping will become faster than point the day and await for it.

according to the reporter, before doing this kind of attempt in the JACK&JONES Tmall flagship store, the electricity supplier apparel were not carried out up to service. Tmall fashion director Li Shujun said, the early adopters Tmall aims to help consumers in the shortest time to experience the line counter products enjoy fast logistics service day of the city. For businesses, but also to improve the efficiency of inventory turnover, reduce operating costs, is a good service upgrade.

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