Double eleven Taobao is also a hero

Once a year

day, become our shopping carnival. Two years ago, I was still reading, at that time on the 11 day, I was on the trip, but before departure, or joined the activities to buy a few clothes. This year eleven Taobao mall turnover, from 2010 1 billion to 2011 3 billion 300 million development to the development of the 13 billion 200 million year, there is no doubt that it has become China characteristics of the online shopping festival, Chinese people gradually beyond the moon cake, do buy special purchases for the Spring Festival.

my first online shopping is in the third year, the first time on the Taobao shopping in the sophomore, when the Internet to buy accessories for a girlfriend. Since then, it has been online shopping, but also more and more like online shopping. In, the first time the "double eleven", I learned from the mouth of the students, the time is still a student, because it is necessary to graduate, so I bought some graduation. Half the audience feel cheap at that time, we are optimistic about the day before, second days of payment, the school network after 12 to second days off the network, 6 in the morning before the mesh, then know that there are people who have criminal record (when stealing food is very hot, a lot of people in the morning to set the alarm to get up at 6 steal food online shopping started on time). However, I have nothing to do with the professional study, at that time did not know the event from other places.

in second years, I’ve entered the Internet industry, but very poor, just bought a eleven pair of hands or beads, points to buy, only pay the postage. Although did not contribute much, but still pay close attention to this event: the 0 point line, 8 minutes to break 100 million, 21 minutes to break 2 hundred million, a nearly 5 hundred million hour, 10 hours, 1 billion hours, 13 to 1 billion 500 million, finally only 3 billion 360 million Taobao mall, the whole network 5 billion 200 million, the equivalent of every day Chinese spent 4 dollars money. At that time, I would like to predict what the next year, will become a great prosperity in China?

Taobao forecast target is 10 billion yuan, while we were thinking when we can reach 13 hours, net civilian 38 minutes to complete, the final 19 billion 100 million yuan ending, completed a pioneering work in human history. Tmall and Taobao attracted 213 million users to visit the same day.

eleven, the comments also flood over the words "double eleven price war trick on us billboard Baidu, the price increase 50 percent off again, good baby after a few minutes on the shelf of the two aspects is the voice of the most. In fact, after several years of development, these problems can not be used to criticize the event.

in the previous two years, Taobao is the name of the propaganda slogan to half the audience, that time is not mature, can be tricky throughout the activities. I in 2010, also directed the slogan, look at JACK&JONES clothes, the price Yibaiduoliangbai, so after half a hundred, but I went to the 11 day half price is found according to label price to calculate, I knew the trick is to know that at that time, but also express by Taobao official >

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