Novice open shop to do the virtual rack teach you getting well

novice shop Taobao virtual rack to teach you

off well

looked at others have already started Taobao shop, has now done fast, not only to achieve the freedom of wealth, but also the achievements of the freedom of life, no longer had a nine to fiver life, do not have to face the leadership dissatisfaction and hard working. Such a life, perhaps let many people yearn for, of course, I am no exception, I also want to become a member of this life.

so I had the idea of opening a Taobao store. A friend said, and now it will be too late to do Taobao, Taobao market is now saturated, there is room for survival. Indeed, I have thought about this issue, and now do Taobao really bad to do, but also because of bad to do, because it is facing great challenges, only more market. It is precisely because Taobao is very competitive, not everyone can stick to it, so those who can stick to the end is not far away from success.

ideal is always full, but the reality is so skinny. Even very eager in Taobao market fight back, but back in real life, I clearly know no money, no supply, no credit, do not know how to shop after operation, promotion is absolutely ignorant of. They do not have enough working capital, when the order was photographed until the customer to confirm receipt, this cycle at least 4 or 5 days, so that limited funds will be difficult to effectively turnover. In addition, after all, their own as a buyer, in the purchase of goods will pay attention to the credibility of the store, will tend to choose those relatively high reputation of the shop, and he did not have any credibility in the eyes of consumers, and see what protection do. Often think of these realistic problems, will let me very tangled, in the end do or not do.

however, I am very confused, wandering in the shop or not between the time, I am very glad to understand the virtual Taobao. A lot of experienced friends have said that the novice shop, from the virtual Taobao start right. Indeed, this is very reasonable, why?

reason one: less investment. Do not do other Taobao virtual shop, to a variety of franchise fees or other mixed costs. Do virtual Taobao proxy only a 300 yuan virtual recharge software, you may get tenure of its software. Only 300 yuan of software costs, plus $200 of working capital, a total of 500 yuan to open a virtual Taobao shop. Some netizens also mentioned that Taobao is not open to pay 1000 yuan deposit. Yes, but the 1000 yuan deposit is based on the principle of voluntariness. If you want to do in the Taobao market, it is recommended to pay it, after all, this is the minimum commitment to consumers. Moreover, this 1000 yuan deposit, when you do not open the Taobao can apply for a refund.

reason two: short cycle. If you do the kind of Taobao, the order from the delivery to sign at least a few days, and the payment of goods to customers to confirm the receipt of the seller to achieve real account

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