This year the pharmaceutical industry is expected to reach 1 billion 500 million B2C scale

pharmaceutical industry this year is expected to reach 1 billion 500 million B2C

news (reporter Gu Menglin) yesterday, the 2012 annual meeting of the pharmaceutical electricity supplier held in Beijing, the Chinese online pharmacies executive vice chairman of the board of directors will be expected in 2012, the pharmaceutical industry in the scale of B2C around 1 billion 500 million.

Ren Guang said that in 2011 the pharmaceutical B2C scale is 400 million yuan, only 5 online pharmacies sales of more than 50 million, is expected in 2012 the market size will be increased to 1 billion 500 million, there will be 4-5 annual sales of billions of online pharmacies. "The medical e-commerce growth rate is very fast, especially Tmall Medicine Museum opened, led the entire industry growth."

Ren Guang pointed out that the price is cheap, privacy and convenient purchase has superiority of online consumers. But online consumers involve a series of automation and manual service. Compared with traditional pharmacies, hospitals, how to encourage, monitor, and ultimately make the patient to maintain the fidelity of drugs, medication on time, is hidden behind the problem of online pharmacies. At present, the knowledge base of hospital prescription prescription online pharmacies, monopoly, lack of integrity is not high, and smooth data including health care, prescription, patients, channels, logistics, flow is not necessarily smooth has become the bottleneck restricting the development of the pharmaceutical business. Pharmaceutical electricity supplier from their own, to think more from the professional, and strive to provide professional services to patients.

, according to Ma Xuejun, vice president of Tmall, Taobao currently has millions of businesses, and this data on Tmall for more than 60 thousand. As for the pharmaceutical industry, currently approved by the state in the online retail is only 68, and settled in the Tmall pharmaceutical Museum more than and 40. Data show that standing on the perspective of Taobao and Tmall platform, compared to other industries, e-commerce in the pharmaceutical industry is still far from the beginning, opportunities and space are very large.

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