Alibaba dance ndia elephant B2B model widely adapted

Alibaba in India and Japan and other Asian markets success shows that B2B model has a wide range of adaptability, Alibaba has been leading the future development of e-commerce in Asia B2B."

for Alibaba, India and Japan in Asia are only part of its overseas expansion. Alibaba is planning such as the United States, Europe and other overseas market depth expansion. In March this year, Alibaba expanded the size of the United States, employees doubled

April 12th, the reporter learned from a senior Alibaba office, only a year, Alibaba has become the largest e-commerce service provider in India and Japan B2B. After becoming China, Japan and India B2B market leader, Alibaba is planning a larger overseas expansion." The executives told reporters.

pulls out the India market on

India sugar now through the electronic commerce to taste the sweetness.

according to the reporter, this year India is expected sugar production will decline 1/3, while New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolhapur and other major market prices continue to rise. India’s domestic sugar merchants had to start looking for foreign goods. A India sugar NEERAJGOVINDRAO responsible person said, with prices rising, many local sugar merchants are through the electronic commerce to find suitable foreign suppliers, smooth the influence of domestic output fluctuation.

"in addition to India sugar, other local industries through e-commerce has obtained the very good development." The Alibaba executives said, at present, the world’s second largest country, India has nearly 1 million users in the electronic commerce service provided by Alibaba, to become a leader in the India B2B market worthy of the name of the.

from last year, the target is directed at the world’s largest e-commerce service provider Alibaba company to accelerate the overseas strategy, Asia blue ocean India is one of the key steps. The Alibaba’s chief executive, said: "India has great potential for development, Alibaba is a very important market, is also the focus of our global development plan."

By the end of 2007

, Alibaba set up India channel, to help India suppliers looking for local and global buyers. Since January 2008, more than two companies each month to join India. In May last year, Alibaba announced the formation of long-term strategic partnership with India’s largest B2B media company Infomedia, the two sides plan to further expand the B2B e-commerce market share in India. Through Infomedia, Alibaba in India has a strong local partner to provide sales, marketing and customer service support.

, a market analyst pointed out that the Alibaba and India this emerging market integration means that e-commerce will become the biggest industry distribution platform between emerging economies, "manufacturing industry about more than half of the world’s population, 70% will be in the means of e-commerce.

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