Rookie additional overseas warehouse goods through Spain throughout 72 hours

Abstract: free logistics service has launched a priority for Russia, the United States, Britain, France, Spain and 185 countries around the world to provide logistics express line, aging and stability than the standard service.


days ago, rookie network announced eleven double export logistics readiness, quality service without logistics has become a major bright spot. For this purpose, the rookie will open a new overseas warehouse in Spain, to achieve 72 hours throughout spain. This aging distance rookie global 72 hours up to the goal and a big step forward.

New Spain overseas warehouse

cross border logistics because of the long link, many natural features, often resulting in time-consuming, poor stability, high prices, cumbersome procedures and other issues. Rookie network of overseas positions will make a big leap in cross-border efficiency.

eleven years ago this year, worry free logistics will be opened in Madrid overseas warehouse. In the fast selling platform, Spain is the second largest country in export volume.

then, domestic businesses own delivery package, can be sent or by rookie partners get a rookie domestic warehouse, transport mode of transport by rookie partners to international express, air, land, rail, sea and other relevant overseas positions. This means that overseas consumers before ordering, goods have been prepared to close to their place.

rookie also provides exclusive service for aliexpress sellers, the seller only needs to bind aliexpress goods and rookie goods, consumer orders will automatically transfer to the trading platform rookie overseas positions, from overseas warehouse to complete the sorting, packaging, warehousing, and distribution business with specified by rookie sent to buyers.

this way, export logistics aging can greatly enhance service, certainty and security is better, but also in the rookie of the global logistics tracking platform ( full view of each logistics details.

Spain 72 hours up to

according to the rookie worry about the person in charge of the logistics, with the overseas warehouse, the Spanish local time before 10:30 am received a single out the same day, the library will be able to.

before the free logistics service, domestic parcel in Spain for 26 days tuotou aging. After the optimization of worry free logistics service standards, this prescription has now increased to an average of 14 days. The opening of the rookie overseas warehouse, will make the entire territory of Spain to achieve 72 hours service.

aging is the first point of pain free logistics to solve. Standard service free logistics has been to Russia, Europe, South America, North America and Australia and other countries and regions, the introduction of a number of lines, exports to Chile as an example, the past businesses choose to take ordinary registered packet takes about 37 days, now go without logistics only 13 days, to enhance the timeliness of 185%.

worry free logistics launched a priority service for Russia

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