Where the customer of Tmall Jingdong three B2C mode

2011, most people focus on the three major electricity supplier B2C brand is Tmall, the Jingdong and the like. The past year, Tmall has Taobao spin off, the October siege, renamed Tmall; Jingdong experienced a $1 billion 500 million C round of financing, the formation of large logistics system, the electricity supplier giant war; every guest experience the VANCL style advertising carnival, product category expansion, the company huge losses. 2011 these three giants B2C every move has been great concern. Each of the three companies listed on the news that has been intense discussion of the industry, because the three giants represent three kinds of B2C mode, the three B2C business model has its own advantages, there is no absolute good. (text / Wang Liyang)

a lot of people are saying that the electricity supplier B2C, but there is a big difference between the B2C model, the author also took some time to understand the difference between these three giants B2C model, now do a simple analysis.

Tmall – service platform

Tmall mall, formerly known as Taobao mall, in June 16, 2011 the original Taobao officially split for Taobao market, Taobao mall and a search. In January 11, 2012, Taobao mall officially renamed Tmall mall, Taobao mall why renamed an unacceptable name, I think only Public opinions are divergent. outside, came up with the name on the toilet, my idol is Mr Ma Yun’s own most clearly.

although the name changed, but Tmall’s leading position in the B2C industry is still no enemy. Tmall mall model is a network marketing platform, the seller can sell various goods through this platform, this model is similar to the reality of life in the department store, inside each business in the network "store" to pay a rent to sell things, mainly to provide the platform for merchants selling things. Tmall mall is not directly involved in the sale of any goods, but businesses in the business to be in accordance with the provisions of the Tmall mall, and can not violate the rules, he will punish you. If the network "store" to earn more money, he will be with you you don’t pay the rent, he will send you to the bazaar stall (Taobao). Some owners will pull the banner against regulation, the masters to the mall responsible person theory. This is the Tmall mall, similar to our real life department store.

the benefits of this model is his platform is large enough to sell what you want to sell, on the premise that there is no violation of law. Mall is responsible for maintaining the establishment of this platform, while businesses do their own business, profit and loss to be conceited, and the mall does not matter. But no matter how you do business, you have to pay a certain fee. If you want to do can do some advertising promotion in the mall, to engage in promotional activities, these are voluntary business management behavior. Mall is responsible for the erection of their own image, to attract enough consumers enough, income stability. And businesses want to sell what can (not illegal), self financing. The benefits of this model is that you can change with the market, the market to respond to their own businesses do not need to worry about the mall

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