Circle of friends purchasing smuggling is suspected no more for purchasing scraper upset

recently, the General Administration of customs supervision of the implementation of the new regulations on imported goods through the channels of trade in electricity providers, exceeding the limit of carrying cosmetics, milk powder, diapers or other acts as smuggling, smuggling water off take ant type will face a severe blow, the circle of friends, because there is a certain degree of difficulty, but also how to supervise is not clear.

fakes flooding WeChat circle of friends

on WeChat, a lot of people through the WeChat circle released brand bags, shoes, video, watches, pens and other pictures, are Cartire, PRADA and other international brands. There are various types of overseas purchasing, they provide sufficient documentation for the product itself with high imitation goods.

includes my WeChat circle of friends quickly by various purchasing scraper, some sell cosmetics, women’s and children’s clothes, some sell sell some high imitation bag and table, some people are living and working in the three or four line of the city, how could all come so many ten year old beauty, so much so much MK, Valentino, and even Estee Lauder are 9 9 shipping.

from WeChat’s marketing circle of friends to thrive today, almost every month to see many people cheated by purchasing circle of friends, WeChat to sell things as early as the tube, fake too, some people at the sign, motionless on the world’s leading technology, famous brand, how to sell the warehouse in an emergency. If the product is good, affordable, quality assurance, circle of friends send some money can be understood, but many people simply do not know each other supplier qualification, strength, safety, daily scraper, earn money from friends more should be cautious, if a problem how to do?

for the circle of friends has gradually become "social values", many micro friends be pestered beyond endurance. And sell fake, do purchasing their own circle of friends, to greatly affect the user experience at the same time, also affect the friendship between friends, many micro friends said, I can’t stand advertising bombing, had to pull the black friends. "".

for Tencent, it is not a small blow.

WeChat circle of friends must be regulated

popular in the circle of friends purchasing, some fakes, the other is sold by the seller from abroad, is understood to use their own goods, only to pay a small amount of tax. But in fact, these goods are sold in the form of goods, a certain number of accumulated need to go through the customs, pay other taxes, otherwise suspected of smuggling, after being reported or will be punished.

A rule

of the General Administration of customs, which means that before with some friends to help even private purchasing properties of overseas purchasing will be included in the scope of regulation, many overseas purchasing online franchise sea Amoy businesses will also be affected.

WeChat circle of friends purchasing phenomenon, has been criticized by many critics, and even let the official introduction of the relevant WeChat limited measures, once said more or be banned. Implementation of the relevant regulations of the General Administration of customs, to engage in cross-border e-commerce businesses and individuals to monitor, circle of friends purchasing is also in the scope of regulation. >

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