Electricity supplier companies to lift the distribution war in the just called vertical B2C will be

[introduction] self logistics big initial investment, but after the completion of the electricity supplier logistics service quality control may be more in place of the advantage is gradually reflected.

shop chairman Yu Gang (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on May 30th

Ali took the lead in the formation of logistics giant rookie on the occasion, B2C enterprise Jingdong, shop one, Tencent’s electricity supplier has been quick and easy electricity supplier logistics and distribution services war. Following the Tencent’s electricity supplier fast and easy to push the first three to send, evening delivery, Jingdong launched the speed up the day after the delivery of the service, the number one shop recently launched the "time up", the concept of sending a day to send six.

The chairman said

shop told the Tencent interview in Beijing science and technology in just yesterday, pushing the "time up service is mainly because customers are very busy, can avoid the customer waiting or courier to give away a trip of the situation," "sometimes more important than" fast ". One shop solution is that users choose a period of time, the first shop in this time interval will be served.

according to the plan, a shop on the first stage to do four times a day to send, at the end of May launched this service, first launched in the north of Guangzhou area, and then gradually outward. Four times a day to send the key is 3 hours in the range of goods will be delivered. The second stage is in June, in July to push the first day of the delivery of six, that is, the goods will be served for the next two hours, the first shop in Shanghai to push this service, and then explore the promotion.

self logistics, such a large upfront capital investment, but after the completion of their own logistics service quality control may be more in place advantage is gradually reflected. On the commodity from the single to the user’s hands in the process can be better supervision, improve the control of the distribution, to accelerate the flow of funds to improve the user experience. This has gradually become Jingdong, one shop, easy fast competitive weight.

just pointed out that the United States electricity supplier distribution is 5 to 7 days or even longer, low customer expectations. China’s electricity supplier began to emphasize the second day of distribution, China’s electricity supplier began to challenge the supply chain is relatively large. Electricity providers to enhance service also means that the competition will further enhance the threshold, those vertical categories, no national qualification threshold, the sale of standardized goods vertical B2C site will be difficult to survive.

push on time to pay more than the cost of

and Jingdong launched the speed up similar to the customer in the selection of the 1st Shop launched on time when you need to pay an additional fee, the cost of 3 yuan to between $5. At just pointed out, especially the night delivery challenge to the safety of employees and the safety of goods, so customers need to pay fees. Of course, the launch of the "on time" service is mainly targeted at the 1st Shop self – goods, self – distribution of the city and commitment to regional commitments, the third party items are not included.

for special goods such as fresh, one shop is also trying. Yu Gang said, some fruit in the orchard when picking fresh and large, but more delicate, on the way to the hands of customers on Extrusion

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