Taobao chess line search a coup awesome online shopping mode over Baidu Amoy

this year, the domestic search market was changing. In January this year, Baidu was hacked, resulting in up to 5 hours, users can not visit 6 hours. After leaving Google Chinese, resulting in Chinese market share began to decline, on the contrary, some search engines in Baidu Google under the weight of the home with the light of day. At the same time, a number of new search engines have begun to force. People’s daily and Xinhua and other national team has launched its own independent search engine, Sogou, Youdao has increased investment in search, and Taobao’s Amoy network in this context came into being.

according to recent news, a Amoy will fully open up Taobao, with the station to share the flow of foreign. Taobao website will add a scouring network search portal, shopping guide search data source is also provided by a search amoy. Not long ago, a scouring network is also open to external testing capabilities for the entire network open search platform. According to industry insiders, Yuzuo one-stop shopping platform, and a scouring network to search the entire network, will fully meet the needs of E-commerce Internet search.

from in cooperation with Hunan satellite TV hi Amoy network, to enable Taobao mall independent domain name, to the search engine Amoy network launched the open beta and fully open Taobao, we can see the e-commerce ambitions and a scouring network promoting the accelerated pace, but also reflects it is an important step in Taobao’s future business layout pawn.

Amoy a partner audit also has a harsh access threshold. For example, the qualification requirements are: the industry retailer B2C e-commerce website in the top three position in the same type of website; B2C e-commerce website with well-known brands; logistics distribution channel stability, wide and superior warehousing strength etc.. At present, including "Dixon", "master" and "Diamond bird" more than and 10 vertical B2C became one of the first partners.

Amoy network with other domestic search engine is not the same, the articles 200 million independent users into the shopping search, with strong financial backing of the Alibaba, to be Sogou technical support for the right-hand man, with the likes of Baidu’s strength. The industry also believes that although only a Amoy search on-line more than a month, but the cat, on the list and other functions have been highly recognized by the user, there is no doubt a strong commercial value.

this will undoubtedly bring pressure on Baidu. It is understood that 50% of shoppers will use search engines. But a scouring network one-stop search – shopping mode of the launch, the industry is also considered to be the most likely diversion Baidu, Google traffic and even revenue business model.

Amoy network is also different from Baidu. Search results from Taobao station and station outside the B2C partner information; at the same time also for electronic commerce web site to grab the whole network information, working principle is similar to the traditional search engine crawler". The results of the search are mainly online shopping information, and not affected by advertising information.

users search through a search, click on the link to the e-commerce site, if the sale, the contract signed by

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