The United States Crazy vampire

Analysys data show that the first half of this year, the U.S. group’s market share accounted for 56%, compared with the same period in 2013, an increase of 19 percentage points over the same period, public comment and rice increased by only 3 points and 4 points, divided into 21% and 13% share. The past year, the United States mission, with the crazy to describe nothing, and now has completely set up a group buying dominance, while the attendant there is a domineering heart".

the United States mission to push too hard, forced me to look at American corporations now how so arrogant, wow, so ah, the original is more than half the share of the blame, even pushed so confident". Attitude reflects the crisis, when the market share of more than half of the group buying site, businesses should start to wake up, the U.S. group’s market share is too large for the business is not a good thing.

Behind the

group purchase hot economic recession

buy these changes in the past few years is too big, from the beginning of the battle of thousands of people to the United States now a big picture alone, the group is constantly affecting the life of the service consumer market. However, group purchase hot behind the domestic economic downturn, perhaps that weak spending power is more appropriate, after all, China economy is still growing at a rate of 7%, but the per capita disposable income is not as bright as economic growth.

due to inflation continued, prices rose too fast, the apparent gap between rich and poor, living in the high prices, the vast Chinese grass root were in the hands of disposable income is difficult, even the horrors, want to go out for a good meal also have to weigh the pocket money is enough, otherwise there is this possible meal there is no next meal.

group purchase greatly activated the grass root people consume enthusiasm, a restaurant can save costs at least 1/3, see a movie, a 1/2 song can save 2/3, such a good thing why not buy the truth, so we see that the rapid rise in the two group purchase consumer market this year, group purchase transaction size exceeded 70 billion.

on the other hand, for businesses, the current domestic economy is a nightmare, difficulty selling regular price is more and more big, fierce competition in the market and the consumer will is not strong, so, in order to survive only to stimulate consumption through the group purchase activities, to offset part of the fixed cost.

consumers do not have enough capital spending, businesses do not have enough income, which is the butt of consumers and businesses on both ends of the group purchase website survival soil, consumers want to get more favorable prices, while businesses under pressure only through the group purchase activities to attract people. In the course of contacts, group purchase Huobian all Chinese.

if you have enough spending power, it is not so much a group purchase consumers, the normal consumer to the store is a more decent thing, if Maslow’s theory needs to explain it, enjoy the group purchase is the most basic physiological needs, while the normal consumer can enjoy fourth layers of demand respect if the consumer, open >

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