From thinking to make money

looked at a lot of people earning a lot of money, I have a heart. Give up the work to join the webmaster familiar and unfamiliar environment. A hot head, did not expect the frustration and the consequences of teeth to save money to the website, launched three sites, Taobao custom series, acne and weight loss. There is a feeling of its obsession with Doug West site, degree day sleep, had had a family quarrel and sick. I know they’re all good for me, but I’m crazy. I believe the light of buddha. Six months passed quickly. Only earn less than 50 yuan. Want to give up but the passion has not faded. So find your own problems and find solutions. Step by step to improve the solution to the best. So today I’m here to tell the webmaster crazy and stick to, some small habits and wrong way will make you less effective.

1, in the early days of the establishment of the site, do not believe that immediately put and pay will be rewarded. I made a mistake here. Just began to adapt to the environment and the rhythm of the station has opened three websites. Let me be busy for a while. Eventually lead to a website is not the most attentively. No site is the most effective. The first thing you should do to build a website is to choose the type of project you are interested in and will return. (here I can discuss with you: QQ117089511) choose a good type to be careful and careful choice of keywords. Hot, uncommon, not even to look at the impact of the flow of key word is your psychological endurance and patience to choose.

2, do not listen to what a lot of money to give up work immediately joined in, keyword rankings generally need 1-3 months of time, if you do it yourself what you eat? In a change of thinking, Google advertising, and Baidu advertising alliance audit standards they are very high. No 5-8 months are hard to come by. There are also a lot of lucky or direct purchase of advertising alliance with the domain name.

3, do not follow the trend to do, I say this money you do this, others say that money you do that. If you are a beginner, you don’t have the right to change your mind. When you don’t make any money. Persistence is your only choice. Your only choice is to stick to it. Otherwise you will be nothing. It’s just a hot two hundred and fifty.

4, hold on to their own confidence, nothing can stop you work every day. Search engine spiders are in fact and make friends with you, he will have the patience to have ideas, have to pay the webmaster as his good friend every day and you stick together. There is a patient that is, every day to regularly update the article and the chain, the idea is that every day there are new ideas to search engine spiders to catch. You pay for the site and the spider, a lot of people are watching you, a lot of people are in return for you, but not now, but after success.

you will ask me when it will be successful, I can only tell you that the concept of success is that you earn a penny, the concept of success is that you earn a penny

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