Google AdSense the most basic optimization techniques but also the best skills

this is the most basic Google optimization techniques, but it is also the best technique:

    1 in the apparent position of advertising. Place the ad in a clear position (no scrolling on the page to see the part), which makes it easier for visitors to see the ads, thereby increasing the chance to click.
    2 custom ad matching. Attempting to use custom colors for the ad unit will help you ensure that the text, background, and border color of the ads will enhance the site’s appearance. You can choose from a large number of colors to create your own custom palette, or choose more than 20 predefined colors.
          use the palette, QQai proposal:
          background color A. ads with the same or similar to the background color of the page.
          B. to select a very prominent color on your web page for the ad frame.
          C. to choose a kind of similar to the web page text color.
          D. choose a kind of similar to the other links on the web page for the ad site.
    3.  try different advertising formats. There are different styles of web pages, so you should try to use different advertising formats to match the different page layouts.
    4 AdSense ads on the page is rich in text. Add the AdSense ad code to your web site where the main content is text. We only use the word to determine the content of the web page. Therefore, although the Google positioning technology has been optimized to advertising positioning to content frequently updated web pages, however, those who have a lot of image "with Macromedia or Flash? Dynamic media content" may still be unable to launch advertising.


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