Dong Jun how do get 3000 of my income

Hello, I’m Dong Jun. Here I would like to talk about how I do daily income of 1000 or more. From the beginning of 07 years, I have been doing network hype products, such as hair loss, whitening, breast enhancement, weight loss, smoking cessation, myopia, cottage phone. These are violent products in the network. Each product profits are more than 150 yuan.

I found last year and Taobao today – very hot, most webmaster to Taobao station. The advantages of Taobao customers only need to promote the daily customer service and delivery without their own tubes, save time and effort. The only drawback is that low profits, Taobao may be more than 50% of the Commission, but it is difficult to sell. In recent months, A Jun in the operation of this weight loss products, an average of 100IP per 1-3 can produce. That is, each 100IP can earn 300-900 yuan. The cost of this product is relatively low. We all know that weight loss products are more likely to cost a few dollars can be sold to several hundred dollars. Do not refer to weight loss products is like this, many medical products are like this. But the goods can not find the original general.

I’ll tell you what I do.

because I do is weight loss products, so the need for high quality traffic. I looked for a few weight loss websites, put ads on their website. Currently there are 5 cooperation, which can bring me around 5 300IP per day. Because it is a kind of weight loss, so the site traffic quality is relatively high. Then I made a weight loss blog, every day to update the original article, with a weight loss success record for the theme of growth. Starting from the first day of weight loss to weight loss success, and now the main word also ranked the home page. Blog every day about 200IP, weight loss products to see more than and 60 people.

I have 8 weight loss of small groups, to some pseudo original content every day, each station to buy some black even (not too much), these 8 sites mutually exchanged friendship connection. These 8 stations can bring about 100 per day IP. So now every day about 500 IP. I earn at least $1000-3500 per day.

do hype product site benefits is huge profits, and do not need to wait, the site is done without relying on search engines alive, you can go to advertising, you can also build a number of Web sites manually by hand.

because these products are more violent so I would like to work with you, you may want to ask me how to cooperate? Very simple, I provide web site procedures and guidance, you do customer service. Then sold by me on behalf of the consignor, because is cash on delivery, the logistics company 10 days give me a check, as long as you are there customer delivery sign, so your commission, I’ll give you advance. Each product profits half points, for example, the experience is 298, then I will give you a commission of $150, and the cost of goods and freight are borne by me.

if you are interested in it and I call it Chun QQ59276608 plus


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