Entrepreneurial mentality is a good medicine please avoid your business sudden death

enterprise sudden death, as life’s gone away, though it is possible and gorgeous, as flowers moment, but only an infinite regret.


is an entrepreneur friend, just call me to complain. A member of the company he was very optimistic about the business backbone, while helping others secretly was found accidentally in a long time away, the core information equivalent to the opponent…… People have been fired, the hole is being repaired, but the crisis has hit the foundation of the enterprise. All in all, the loss is irreparable.

I coincidentally, a graduate student, after graduating from school, went into a big business for several years, do the director, has accumulated a number of customers. In the transformation of the company suffered some setbacks, they find a person alone. But they did not dare to do to pull in a flagrant way, but the relationship between existing companies, humble and sales in a sneaky way back. At first, a friend of a small company, but also from the original company pulled a group of customers. Later, also encountered a large project, nearly one million. However, the sale is not a vegetarian, doomed to take seventy percent. When being deceived and information asymmetry, and by the elbow, helpless. One million of the project, three hundred thousand to do, the results can be imagined……. Finally yellow. Friends of the company instantly collapse…… It’s like one or two leaves falling in a hurry.


also has a XX daily friend, head out of the mix, at the peak of the company by the number three dozen people, then I do not know why has been continuous adjustment, transformation, toss, the elderly continue to drain, and the couple is not satisfied, the company number gradually left more than a dozen people, the last few people. He recently met, he self mockery said, now there is no pressure, no expenditure is the income. Alone and matchmaking to run the project, run down a year or so, enough to eat……

actually, just past October, in P2P, the most hyped list, there are more than a dozen have been closed down, such as the Oriental venture, Yu Tai wealth, advised commercial loans, home loans, leaguer venture capital, venture capital, Zhejiang Wanli 365, silver loan, credit, loans, Sichuan Yeston Fu Xiang ventures Huaqiang, wealth, net to win the world, each loan, loan to the sky…… Because often walk in the front line, close to all kinds of enterprises. I think that the entrepreneur’s own state of the problem, is the cause of all the sudden death of the most unforgivable. Enterprises and enterprises, just like people, the difference is not a starting point, but the process. It is in the process, the distance between each other, resulting in irreversible process. As entrepreneurs, from a focus and real problem, anatomical analysis, experience, understanding life in a variety of interactive communication. Entrepreneur’s position, has been set to face all the problems and difficulties, to solve a variety of ways, from the initial starting, ending on responsible, and also no responsibility.

for the first friend, I told the story of fish and holes.

fish and break

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