Network to make money why do not think so many phenomena

network is always someone post, someone to follow suit, but often own information, is not used, always follow others to wipe my ass, so to see the phenomenon to learn to think, thinking of using the same model in other aspects of wangzhuan.

SEO at first we feel good, a lot of people feel this brand good, not too much, look at this thing is not difficult, overnight, just a flicker, SEO class 301 and 302 under the blossom everywhere, ask the difference between SEO trainer many people could not answer, but they can trick to blow away what day.

real SEO ace is how to make money?

They use the domain name

PR do CPA do keyword fraud, or directly to the relevant manufacturers, such as gray industry such as credit card cash do Baidu keyword, the first can sell 9000 a month, but the average person gets really SEO to bring you high traffic flow, you stand on fire, you fire IP much more, IP made a big flicker and so on · · · many people still did not make money, then took the method to talk to others, the SEO army became fudge force, if not successful people say you are not hard enough, SEO · method; it can not make money SEO? Training money, students is their rich machines, you want them to say a month if the SEO earned hundreds of thousands of this training you? Only 1000 yuan


now follow the trend of the novel station, follow the trend of the small game station, follow the trend of SEO, why not make money · think?

because the trend is a lot of people are doing, Baidu and GOOGLE do not like, not included.

What does

do to make money?

Sun Tzu, the highest state of war is not used in making money, is a good direction, the money comes naturally, so do the most popular station to make money, only you have a Baidu station, you flow back less,

?For example,

wallpaper stand, even if you stand in the picture Baidu page ranked less than a page, only your phrase, Baidu pictures can still shoot to the front, there is statistical data over 1 IP image station can bring 11 PV, this can not make


personal opinion, I hope more friends have great inspiration, the webmaster 500 exchange group 49922821

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