Entrepreneur how do find 7 angel investors

editor’s note: the author of this paper, Yaniv Nizan is a mobile game for the application of the internal consumer program entrepreneurs. He recently completed a round of financing, found 7 angel investors. But review the financing experience, it is not easy. He had cold-shoulder treatment, do not know how to introduce your company to investors.

now, he will own financing experience published in a personal blog, for more people to understand.

when I started to create SOOMLA, I do not think it is difficult to raise funds. Because in 2008, I and others co founded the first company in this field, I was still very young. And now I have more experience, and cohesion of a strong team, our business model has also been recognized, human resources are not bad. So, I think, this round of financing will certainly be easy to get.

but I was wrong.

raise funds is not an easy task. Changing all the time. Starting in 2012, it’s getting harder to get money. I quickly realized that if I wanted to raise capital for SOOMLA, I had to make some adjustments.

find the angel: seize every opportunity

angel investors are very low-key, and even little-known.

The reason for

is simple: in addition to being an angel, they usually have a full-time job (for example, CEO from other businesses or entrepreneurs who have sold startups). One of my investors doesn’t even have information on Linkedin. In fact, any manager of a large company can become an angel, but they don’t know it yet.

I’ve found potential investors in a number of unusual situations: when you’re interviewing for a job, swimming in a pool, or even sending your daughter to kindergarten. Sometimes, venture capitalists recommend me to an angel, I found that had already seen him, but I don’t know he is an angel investor.

approached the angels: giving full respect to


found an angel investor, I thought the investment fair was the same as usual, but I was wrong again.

I entered the meeting room, told him, hoping to get his investment (because he recently put his company to eBay, the hand should have the funds, but I eat) cold-shoulder treatment. He is rich, and for tax reasons, if he put the money for investment will be more economical, what is the problem?

persuade private investors to persuade VC. Most of you in the face of the angel are achievement, keen to build the foundation and helpful. But they don’t want to be seen as agents of their own property. It is especially important to respect their achievements when they are in touch with them. Let the angels feel that they are the driving force behind the business and ask them to help introduce more machines

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