Taobao web site to make money quickly to the new passenger flow into commission

Since the launch of

Ali mother, more and more people are affected by mother’s appeal into Ali’s arms, who do Taobao customers, expected Taobao customers can become their own pot of gold Wangzhuan, but in fact a lot of people to the mining of gold, this is why? Because they are still standing on the Wangzhuan in the ocean, can not find the way, let the author lead us into Wangzhuan, into Taobao


Taobao guest website is first of all to ensure the site to have traffic, but the website traffic will come from? Some novice webmaster will choose to spend money to buy, but this traffic will have effect? This is actually deceptive, if rely on advertising to make money, can also cheat users, but Taobao requirements for off site traffic is not so simple, need to flow into the Commission is king, so in order to get a good flow of new sites, on the one hand to promote through forums, on the other hand also need to write text on the A5 to improve your weight, but I have some grace can write some article published on the A5, so my Taobao off currently doing pretty good


through publicity on the website of the natural flow will slowly increase, it will flow into the Commission has become the focus, so how can flow into the commission? I will according to our own characteristics are summarized firstly, the content of my site is issued at the same time some fashion magazines such as part-time Taobao customer promotion program, so my site has two background, one is the management background, a Taobao customer promotion background, of course, the management system is made from the Internet, and Taobao customers to promote the program is doing, so let me add the Taobao promotion commodity link as an important issue of


if you manually add these items, so the workload is very large, and these goods in a period of time will fail, so also need to be changed, and then I thought according to the web page keywords smart Taobao promotion goods and by this method, I study found that this function is entirely possible to achieve, this is the use of JS+ASP with the use of access to web keywords through the JS program and the parameters passed to the ASP Taobao goods generation process, and then the result is returned to the JS, so that the completion of a call. And make calls with the Google plug-ins and other advertising code completely similar, only required in the web site to add plugin code can be used normally, so the static and dynamic encoding support all the web pages etc.. In this way let my Taobao customers get a good profit!

The use of

in this method should also pay attention to the plugin is very good and promotion of Taobao products and the content of organic combination, this method can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the work, simplifies the process of Taobao promotion, more important is the keyword matching for the conversion of the flow rate improved a lot, can direct traffic into the Commission, which is the most important, if the ability of the webmaster but try.

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