Do not always want to earn one billion entrepreneurship should start from 1000

introduction: the creation of a small company’s advantage, is that you will have a high degree of attention. Setting yourself up for a $one billion startup will be one of your biggest mistakes.


the vast majority of entrepreneurs dream of their own to create a $one billion company, this idea is It’s only human., after all, who do not want to be the next Steve · or Mark · Jobs; Zuckerberg? However, apple, Google, and Facebook, in the eyes of entrepreneurs like star companies often will my vision. Some entrepreneurs are not profitable, they can start their viral expansion, and access to millions of users.

all the hopes and aspirations of the world, will not let you away from their $one billion goal of the company closer. In reality, setting yourself up for a $one billion startup will be one of the biggest mistakes you’ve made.

Gary Chou, a professor at the New York Institute of virtual art, teaches people how to start a startup in a completely different way. He opened the business curriculum design, there is a non traditional syllabus: not for the creation of an imaginary $one billion company planning on any time and effort, in a repeatable and sustainable way, create a real company, even the value of $1000, but profitable.

by creating a $1000 startup, you can get three valuable lessons.

1 you can feed yourself

if you work for someone else, or rely on investors to run their own business, then you will not be so focused. Your autonomy and creativity are also subject to the demands of others, strictly limited, at some point, in order to achieve some purpose, you may not be loyal to their own hearts.

self independence can help you release yourself from outside constraints, and the first step in self independence is that your startup can make a profit. If you can afford the rent or afford a ticket, then at least you can get free from imprisonment, of itself is also very meaningful, this is some excitement and some feeling of surprise will make you more efforts to move forward.

2 to create a business needs to do

take the author’s own company iDoneThis as an example, in fact, it takes time to build a business. We were really excited when we got $1000 in sustainable revenue. But when we reach this milestone, the author realizes that the time we have been waiting for is not wasted. In the meantime, we figure out how to build products that people are willing to pay for, and how to push them to customers.

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