Newbie guide how to do Wangzhuan earn a thousand dollars

Wangzhuan perhaps due to the power of the media, now gradually distorted. Is generally divided into two extremes, some people think that Internet is a gold, touch, just a window paper, point out the moment, you can earn how many days into the month. While others think that the network is full of deception, operation Wangzhuan, is to deceive people, is Wangzhuan, solid scam.

in fact, Wangzhuan really not difficult, because tens of thousands, millions, even tens of millions of funds, is often a few keystrokes that simple, even click enter. But you have not considered, it will enter behind the effort is how much? As the saying goes, on stage ten minutes, stage takes ten years. Many web workers, are over 30, but the white haired, some simply is lost, known as the airport ~ ~ enough to see Wangzhuan Wangzhuan bitter, tired, not by words can express. Wangzhuan more is not a fraud, liar Ma is born? Ma Huateng is the network liar? No, Wangzhuan the authenticity is beyond doubt.

well, return to the topic. It is not difficult to do Wangzhuan, it is difficult to know how to do Wangzhuan what to do, a lot of friends! Time, the beginning is not wasted on learning, polish. But waste in the search for the target, looking for direction. So, you must first Wangzhuan, set the goal, here said the goal is not to make money, but how to make. First look at the common network Wangzhuan mode, a simple analysis of the carefully for each mode.

how do you analyze the project? Here we can call it a dream. Think about what you can do with the project, and what should happen. And think about how you would solve these things. Then make a list of their possible problems, to the online check, here we can look at Google, Baidu is not recommended, because the PPC is easy to mislead you into the lost again.

through the feasibility analysis, finally decided you should operate the Wangzhuan project. Here to tell you that Wangzhuan is a general term, so the concept is very extensive, not to define the target as open web site to make money, make money selling things, and that no goal is the same. But precisely what to open the site, how to open, open the scale, open range.

target is determined, the next is to adhere to. Many members of the friends can not hold on. Some people say that the project has no meaning, but maybe you haven’t found it yet. Like gold, in the absence of the last seconds, any give up is a failure. Take my membership in the station, a lot of people think, he can learn a minute. They believe that this project can not make money, the operation of the day, and some even registered after the observation, and then left. In fact, they just found a good bet, but only through the stone look, he is nothing but a stone, even open his eye on.

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