Beginner fangpian 6 strokes

      to be honest, now online do Wangzhuan, there are more than 80%.

      you can go to Baidu search: Google + Wangzhuan liar. So you can see thousands of web pages, just click one and see what they say.

      here I would like to put some of their own experience to Wangzhuan novice:

      1 high wage, high income is not reliable. That is just beginning to do more than wages of more than 300 pieces, is certainly a liar, first put it away. As long as you are able to join a month to earn three thousand, earned $ten thousand do not want to know is a liar. There is no such thing as a free lunch, why would you recommend him so well?. Remember, love is indifference, no one will be so kind.

      2 to pay careful. You just can not wait to blackmail you, membership fee of more than 200, all liars. Membership fee of 50 or more, generally do not lie much.

      3 home rough, is not beautiful, do not care about it. Think about it, a successful, stable company, he will be in a decorated buildings do business?

      4 most of the search engine is not a liar to do. In a search engine to search, if the Ministry said that more than 90% stations is a liar, liar. This site cannot do. Of course does not rule out malicious exclusion (news times NEW***AR was once the post replies are almost scolding the landlord post). This depends on your ability to distinguish between right and wrong.

      5 if you are on a website inviting or you start to believe it, please go to the Baidu search, such as the recently popular 8 fun Tong Bao, you search: 8 + fun Tongbao liar, no "there are a lot of people tell you it is a liar, no shame liar.

      6 before any decision to do not believe that any human based, even though he said much good, how wonderful, even though he was really very powerful (can guarantee the strength not to lie), remember, don’t trust anyone, including me in..

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