Venture CEO how to manage personal brand

author Mr Jamie is the founder of venture capital in Taiwan Appworks.

to pursue the expansion efficiency of the fast growing enterprises, in addition to become well-known enterprises, product brands, CEO and continuous operation if we can have a good personal brand, practice is very high benchmarking strategy.


‘s biggest rewards come from suppliers, channels, investors and other partners who can help you win better quality. When your users and business scale growing up, in cooperative enterprises will need to move up the food chain. An influential brand in the industry CEO, then you can help busy. In addition to open doors and pull down the figure increase each other’s willingness to cooperate, and may even attract the concept of consistency of quality partners in the initiative to find a home.

another obvious reward is talent, especially to attract senior managers with rich experience in the industry. These people tend to have a good career path, there are many opportunities to choose from. Let them give up many more secure may walk with you, in addition to the enterprise itself the employer brand, CEO personal brand, and you represent the beliefs and values, but also tend to have a decisive impact.


of course, where there is a force, there is a reaction. The risk of CEO branding, except the floor accidentally triggered a public relations crisis, because the values of different enemies in the industry, the most serious brand CEO is too successful, if the future needs between the company and will have a very painful part company each going his own way, laceration.


brand awareness

to operate a good CEO brand, we must first set a clear audience: potential customers, the industry community, talent, are a good choice. Audience set error, or too much to optimize the visibility of the novice is easy to make mistakes. Unless it is to debut as a star, it is often not the best known household strategy, because the breadth of the appeal will often lose depth, but can not affect the more valuable audience.

publicity channels

in the propaganda channel of choice, in addition to the traditional media, personal Facebook, book, or YouTube, are all options to consider. Love writing the words, do not have to stick to self built blog, like udn, is now the world, and other major media sites are open to opinion leaders stationed, can be considered where.

brand impression

has a channel and audience, followed by CEO brand want to leave what impression. Is smart, honest, warm, witty, taste, have a point of view, market leading, sleeves dancing, great progress, or factual, social care, these are possible traits, also must think carefully, "

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