Agile Entrepreneurship how to find the user’s requirements


a few days ago in the "best products to meet the demand is not, but" requirements "", we refer to "try to satisfy the user’s requirements, so they are past hope to fall in love with you." The users "request" and "demand" made a distinction, a lot of friends reply message said quite enlightening, but I also noticed that some entrepreneurs still have questions: since I want to find ways to meet the needs of the user, but the user requirement is endless, but the difference is large, then how do I


I can’t pretend to be an expert.

engaged in software development friends may know that there are two common software development model, one is the waterfall model, one is agile model. In fact, the logic behind the two models is also common in the entrepreneurial process.

waterfall model of the software development is divided into stages, requirements analysis, requirements definition, basic design, detail design, encoding, unit testing, integration testing, system testing, each stage strictly define the input and output, if not up to the requirements of the output, the next stage will not start. After the system test is completed, the software is delivered to the user, and the whole process is completed.

waterfall model of thinking mode is very easy to accept the model, the feeling of course, first understand what the user wants, and then step by step until delivery. This model has been widely used. However, it has its disadvantages, the biggest problem is not timely response. A project is short for a few months, a long one or two years, the user’s requirements are likely to change during this period. As the user to a custom-made clothes, you give him the volume size, and then in silence for a few months, found that after a few months, long fat, this time rework cost is too great.

had an agile model. The core of the agile model is iteration, the ultimate goal is to make the customer satisfied, so be able to take the initiative to accept the change in demand. I agree with the Declaration: individuals and interactions over processes and tools, working software over comprehensive documentation, customer collaboration over contract negotiation, responding to change over following a plan. In particular, the last sentence of the response change, but also the essence of our lean entrepreneurship.

in agile development process, usually two weeks will be a version of each version compared with the previous version, will add a few features, the user’s requirements if any changes, can timely response in a recent version of the. In this way, the user does not need to wait a few months to see the final version directly, but can continue to participate in the process, which is very important to meet the user’s requirements for the product.

or just take the example of custom-made clothes, in the agile development of thinking, the tailor may do a sample clothing, cloth may be very rough, even the top is marked with a full mark, and then let you try size

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