9 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 and under 1 billion

can create a $1 billion company before the age of 30, they can be described as a wunderkind, will undoubtedly become the most shining star venture.

in the fields of science and technology, more and more "successful youth" flash.

here is the founder of the value of $1 billion and above the company’s youngest entrepreneurs.


– siberman left Google to start a business. After a number of failed attempts, he created Pinterest, a picture aggregator site, and now Pinterest’s valuation has reached $1 billion 500 million.



what is he doing:


– siberman began his entrepreneurial career from Google. After a number of failed attempts, he and his partner found the right way to create a photo aggregator Pinterest. Pinterest leading to 20 million monthly independent access to the user the growth rate of development in this field and


so far, Pinterest financing amounted to $138 million, while its valuation has reached $1 billion 500 million. The siberman partner Evan Sharpe (Evan Sharp) is also 29 years old.


was founded only two years, Instagram has 80 million users. Kevin Systrom Instagram at a price of 1 billion sold to Facebook.



what did he do:

in 2010, Kevin Systrom and his 25 year old partner founded Instagram. Instagram soon became one of the most popular mobile image applications, and now it has 80 million users.

April 2012, Facebook to $1 billion acquisition of Instagram. p: e


Drew Houston in Y Combinator Entrepreneurs Conference released its own products: Dropbox. Now this cloud storage company has been valued at $4 billion.



what did he do:

Drew Houston was founded in 2007 Dropbox. Even if there is a Jordan said to 9 digits.

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