The Wangzhuan is confused novice you have to look at

today to idle to write something, this article is written for the couple and did not earn much money is lost in people. If you are earning more than 500 of the people can not read.

the new person, do not know where to start. I do Wangzhuan now to deal with more than 4 months. I am today after the college entrance examination under the guidance of the friend entered the ranks of the people. Why some people can earn money at the beginning, some people do N for a long time but no gain?. You have bad luck. And that’s your choice. The beginning of a lot of people are doing CPS and so on. I’m not, I’m CPA. And never turned over. CPA has been doing advertising alliance.

used to listen to some experts is to earn one thousand. I was only able to earn tens of dollars a day. At that time the practice is to keep posting to make money, but also received a number of people during the period, that is, to ask them to post to earn. Although a little that, but. This is really feasible. I posted the highest earned more than and 200. A full 300 dollars when it is doing the CPA Witkey star.

so, the newcomer. The most important thing is to work hard and not to be lazy. However, I have not been sent for more than a month. But the income is still. Post is not the main purpose of making money, but this can lay a good foundation for your next thing. Wangzhuan Wangzhuan. Is to make money through the network. No matter what you do, the advertising alliance, auction or SEO. I’ve done all these things. Which can earn money. Not earn. The key is to do it yourself. I’m here to look down on the new people who don’t respect us. I often encounter is, constantly send me the novice. It’s not that I don’t tell you, but one way to say it is to contribute to the market. That means the market is over. Because there are so many people. Eat too much. Points of natural things will be less. There is, the old man’s time is not unlimited. Have their own lives, like our boss said, help you solve some problems not what. But to solve much said is with you. It’s normal for us to get some money.

experience and lessons are all money. Thank you very much for listening to me. But here’s the crap. Now that is that. How should the new way to go? First learn some basic knowledge of the network, learning HTML code language. I don’t want you. At least to see to understand. ASP PHP these can not learn, after the end of the code of the website you basically can handle and understand the. Now it’s space and domain names. Space is very cheap now. There are hundreds of pieces can buy an unlimited use of the site for one year. Like I now use this site is this. So I also sell space. This is relatively profitable. There is space and domain name after the advertising alliance. At present, I do not do CPS. So ignore it. You like CPS>

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