The last few words about Web2 0

Recently around the Web2.0 and community sites or a lot of media to interview. I think, since there are people concerned about this topic, just here to write out their most basic view, saving you time, it also said himself to say spit.

1 I can’t imagine anything more boring than arguing about a company that is not Web2.0. The so-called Web2.0 is actually only through some new technical means to fully achieve the relevance and interactivity. 1 of companies like Sina can do the same thing as 2. Whether you are a wolf or wolf in sheep’s clothing, whether you are using what technology, I am most concerned about is always only two things: you can bring what kind of pleasure and value for the user, and then how you by providing these pleasure and value for the user to obtain, the scale of growth revenue and profit not only drew a pie.

2 community site has no standard mode. Just as people in real life often come and go in different circles, people need different types of communities in the network life, who can not replace. Not only the future population could be subdivided, different demand is divided over the crowd will be broken; don’t expect large, then a big Feng Shui can not keep all of the people.

3 is no more than the proportion of the content and function of the entire site traffic. Whether you are Web2.0 or Web1.0, you can provide users with nothing more than two categories – content and functionality. Focus on the content or focus on the function of the proportion of the relationship between the two, will directly determine your income model and direction of development. In a country where traditional media content is lacking, it is easier to get results from content. But with the development of the industry, there will be more companies turn to provide users with functional services.

4 sticky things to the user must be valuable, but it may take time to realize the value. Both the content and the function, as long as you can stick to the user, it must have commercial value. The stronger the viscosity, the higher the commercial value. However, these commercial value may require a longer period of time, so we should have an overall capital plan, not easy to stick to the user has not stuck funds finally hold less than one day out.

5 do not overestimate advertising revenue, do not underestimate the revenue generated by the user. Because the online advertising revenue model has been established, so we can easily think of that. But please do not forget that the growth in advertising spending is basically consistent with the growth of GDP, when the GDP growth of 8% of the overall growth of the advertising industry is unlikely to be 30%. Although the Internet advertising from traditional advertising will plunder a certain share, but after all, Sina and Sohu in front, expect from their mouth dare to confront the greatest danger is not so easy. Instead, I believe that the final gold mine is more likely to be on the user side, whether it is membership fees or value-added services, as long as you are good enough to have enough content and functionality, as long as the payment >

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