Online gaming operations to share high income

coincided with the height of summer, but also to the year when the most crazy online games, although more and more close to the Olympic Games in Beijing, but for a large part of the online game lovers, a good game, is still the most crazy thing. So, the game makers is the one after another to launch their own part to use the Olympic spirit to make a; this time, the webmaster can not be missed, we are making, we have to make, can not drag the Olympic money forces back.

recently, the thunder beat to the webmaster alliance provides a share through a way of earning money: online gaming operations, simple graphic advertising links into the gaming platform to generate new registered members, new members of the amount of consumption in the web game inside the station to grow into; which is the latest game promotion mode, from the traditional monthly pay, pay per click model, divided by the online user behavior recharge, webmaster, will undoubtedly have a "life" temptation; webpage game also known for online games, has a great potential audience, Ai Rui 08 years of consulting booking web game users will reach 9 million in 2010 will exceed 20 million the main users of such games, and white-collar workers accounted for 60%, about 30% students, so it was more of a group with strong ability to pay the group, which is "tour Play can be an important factor in the rapid development; and as a webmaster, thunder alliance’s online games to share the product operation, can be regarded as a ray of dawn.

08 years, major alliances are not much action, I think, as a webmaster is somewhat depressed; do really hard, we have nothing much to expect, is looking forward to the alliance can really for our sake, give us some real money to launch products, planning a win-win cooperation mode.

a few days ago saw two new movies, feeling good.

"Kung Fu Panda" tells us: there is no accident in the world. Therefore, we should put our hopes on their own, rather than others;

Chibi tells us: have you ever heard of the desire to make people young, so we need to keep the passion, because the road is still very long.

thunder alliance online gaming operations share:

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