Baidu K station is not related to Ali mother advertising

believes that some old Adsense is a better understanding of a few years ago, Baidu, a large number of keywords can be accumulated to earn a lot of traffic from Baidu on the web, but the Internet search experience in general are: garbage, virus and so on, if the search engine to search what are those who will use the search engine?! previous search environment because of Baidu’s technology is now relatively backward, only constantly improve the search engine technology to the market. The recent Baidu K station is because of the adjustment of Baidu’s own algorithm, but also to improve their own Baidu technology. I think the recent Baidu K station with Ali mother hanging advertising is not related.

1 yuan a CN domain name is the introduction of Baidu harm, so cheap CN may make this year than in previous years to double the waste station, all of a sudden so much garbage station it is enough to search for the search engine results in large impact), Baidu’s artificial K station speed is not dump the production speed, so simply to adjust the algorithm, may also be called technology upgrade. 1 yuan of CN m in the search engine also ruined the vast majority of the webmaster, Baidu CN corn does not catch a cold so that some of the regular station with CN implicated. I really do not understand why CN is reduced to 1 yuan, the relevant departments are put down 1 yuan CN can accelerate the development of the Internet China or renewals can make more money next year. To speed up the development of the Internet is not 1 yuan to fix; next year renewal is not possible, unless the corn can stand.

Ali mother launched soon encountered a Baidu algorithm adjusted and large-scale K station, depressed the webmaster can not find what reason plus the mom competitors, so simply to fan the flames adding the trimmings responsibility to the mother’s body push advertising website will hang mom by Baidu Ali mother is really K! Wronged ah, it is said never mind, and if there is no silver 300 two; it was said this situation now, it was dumb.

webmaster to think about their own website, how much content is copied from other sites. For copying the content of the website, GOOGLE "supplementary materials" that said, but can not guarantee that Baidu’s technology upgrade after the GOOGLE "supplementary materials" this function is also plagiarism over?! perhaps Baidu is like this: stand so many copies of the content, directly K off.

now Baidu search engine has been in the past Baidu search engine. Previously a feature of the site is very easy to spam from Baidu to IP, but from GOOGLE to IP is rarely. That’s because Baidu search technology is relatively Google or at a distance, in the search field, the eldest of the world is Google, because of its good technology, the eldest of the Chinese search is Baidu because Chinese users of technology is not good (do not know which search engine). And GOOGLE has always been the style of thinking that it is the world’s boss will not be able to advertise in foreign countries can get through, but in

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