Beware of more similar to understand the network training fraud

        see today actually understand the book. This estimate will harm the novice is ready to pour a large number of wangzhuan. The 2 sentence: only bitter admonition no matter how good the money do not blandishments, the Internet, not so easy shortcut to make money. With the strength to make money, try to do something useful to the society to make money.      

  don’t just take out your tuition. Such a liar. Take a look at the Kw=%B6%AE%B6%AE%B4%B4%D2%E2   


      I come from him. I made 1500 gave me a station. The promised day 50 now half a month every day a few quick money.. can kill me now. I don’t know how half knew deceived. Hope you focus on    

    Author: 222.134.96.* 

to someone you don’t become, you have to be careful.

speaking of understand ideas, just a word from A to Z, "cheat", from a variety of ways to hang QQ, chat room, group hang QQ, has been behind several generations of creative, not from a word "cheat", the use of color, cheat lady-killer registration. Although I myself also think that sex maniac is hateful, but I think, not hateful people, should go to cheat, it should go to harm. In the case of love, this is not to go, but it seems that in the eyes of understanding, to deceive those who pervert, deceive those ignorant people, is reasonable. Who let their color? You don’t color not me when you do not, will not be registered mobile phone I cheated did this is the monthly, for their own excuses to cheat. Find a quote for himself so he covered up his naked "everyone has a business was" not clean, do.


cheat to cheat, when it comes to deception, he cheated in the market is the method of tender, what is better to cheat and cheat? What website, just a little mind, one day to get a about one hundred thousand, but a few people are willing to do, a hand is really afraid of risk, on the other hand, everyone or conscience, you understand this lack of conscience, he may think, this mobile phone registration, a cheat then 35 dozen blocks, unlike what that once cheated thousands of dollars, there should be no matter what.

but to cheat, cheat, since QQ not backward, as if he is just as Jiangnan, could not find what can let people get rich enough idea. He has not given up, provide ideas for everyone to call, committed to do network training, can not think of what is a good idea, rest on our laurels, 06 years;

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