Video podcast winter earlier than ever before

Video podcast winter, earlier than ever before

    broadband bearing, technical threshold is not high, a series of staff costs, no profit model of the video site into the predicament in the booming Web2.0 after a large number of video sites in the layoffs, video podcast forum met the friend, and it was cut, Lei Ke Chinese MySee, 1000 rubber group, one after another in the layoffs, to control costs, avoid risks, to borrow a word called "even if the company cut to only one person there is no way to achieve profitability" mode of transport video podcast is indeed a bit difficult.

    but the video is really promising, otherwise GOOGLE will not spend the $1 billion 650 million acquisition of youtube, but Web2.0 is promising, or how the global rise most stations is relatively fast user, this station is user centric, not SINA home page is not adjusted that is more humane, but several so-called guest recently came out, seemed to have no good profit model, Fang Xingdong hard to do blog, Sina has now become a wedding dress, but Sina married the bride, seems to have no profit model, but the traffic is made a fortune, but closer to the stars and our distance, is indeed a good idea. But now just the rise of the video podcast, as well as a copy of the fire video search, have begun to compete, the video will not be the same as text information, but also to provide content, revenue or advertising?

    now perhaps so, this is something that has been in the video third media, network media now grab third words, certainly also borrowed third media profit model, all third media have been the biggest media, because it has the advertising company to do sales, but also has the production team professional, to ensure there is some wonderful programs, some of the premiere, it can increase your personal ratings, Yue think the business video sites need to strengthen the following points:

1, website image

image is the greatest wealth, the quality of the image is the user to decide whether to trust the user interested? Loyalty, the image of the value of the decision, and the domestic video sites to beauty, self timer, pornography, pornography based, so how to improve the image of a site? Effect of a station, the main factors are: the speed of the site, the site’s logo, website packaging, website propaganda, behind the quality of personnel training, but also the essence of the content of a number of websites, the content of the video site is the greatest wealth, only carefully found that heart by mining, it can have a good business.

2, website brand

brand is just a name, a symbol, but the brand contains the attributes, interests, values, culture and personality elements. Creating a brand is not a simple thing,.

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