Adsense how to choose advertising alliance


website has the flow not to have the income not to be able to have the choice under the premise which you have the flow to choose the alliance! The Ali mother did not say!

Baidu! Search big boss! Non mainstream station contrast! Advertising prices between 0.05-.02 advertising low! Optional so a


Google search engine second goods!!! Is also a non mainstream station basically stable contrast! 0.01 dollars! Foreigners can get 0.1-0.2 dollars at 0.01=7 cents


0.1 =7

!The exchange rate is equivalent to the

me! I was in accordance with the 100 Western Union money conversion rate is $1, can get 7 dollars, if you can get more with your cheque, is the need for more than 1 months 2 months!! do not practice —


good! You should have read the above price a price on the understanding of the two major search engines in general entertainment station!! music station, DJ station! What is this cartoon movie prices are GG where the computer security income! The price is 0.2 dollars above the site but only up to 0.38 you can imagine! In addition to the financial industry outside the station GG

income will not be too high!

but compared to Baidu GG income is still relatively high! But we cannot consider a probability problem!


may not have malicious CLICK! But if there is one enemy with you or your family every day really not cool your click rate to 30%? N days consecutive N invalid click or with a IP GG K mad advertising will you! If you have tens of thousands of that there is no flow this relationship, believe yourself practice

!There is a close

dollars! That RMB is now more valuable? $is not worth getting to know not?! you take 100 dollars with Western Union he wants you to get $100 is equal to 15! You can only take 85


you check from the headquarters of the United States! After 1 months of hand, go to the bank to pay tens of Yuan Hang clean!! even if everything goes well with you after more than 1 months to get the money estimated drifting out of the early death! And do bad point out what accident GG directly to check for K! No. a letter


well, let’s do the contrast now!

Baidu advertising form less!

GG advertising form more!


support bank money!


supports the Western Union money!

Baidu K number of small probability!

GG as long as there will be abnormal K!

Baidu 100RMB settlement!

GG100 US dollar settlement!

here is a difference!


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