Optimize your Google Adsense ad

in Google huge traffic, Google just want a small part of your site traffic. And they are willing to pay a lot of money for this small part of the flow of

!There is no better and easier way for those who complain that they have a high flow but low income website to make a profit from the stingy visitors.


and Adsense make it easier! You don’t have to install complex software, you don’t have to investigate the source, you don’t have to buy anything, not even a bank account. So….

why not everyone is using Adsense to make money? In fact, the key problem is that not everyone knows how to use Adsense to make money. The money is hidden in a place you can’t see.

people say that seeing is believing". Most webmasters are keen to keep track of Web site visitors, and countless times a day view revenue and hits. They like to see what they already have, but they often ignore what they haven’t got yet.

Adsense will not let you choose the content of the ad, will not tell you the rules of advertising, will not tell you how much money per click. But this is a good thing, because you can save a lot of trouble. It does provide some control functions. In this book, I’ll show you how to use these resources to better control adsense.


but many network managers still think that once you paste the Adsense code on the page, all you can do is wait and see.

fact is not the case! Google provides a number of features to control your ad, especially some visual lines and tables. Make good use of these resources, and you can easily turn your hits several times in a matter of minutes.

as follows:

1 ad format: beautify your ad

what kind of ads do you like: flags? Skyscrapers? Rectangles, squares? What color are the borders and backgrounds?

has thousands of options for you to choose from. Many people let Google decide for them, and the result is usually the default setting for the Adsense system. What a mistake they have made, my experience tells me that this is tantamount to throwing money into the river.

I’ve wasted almost a year, earning only 1/10 of what I was supposed to get, just because I’m too lazy to adjust the color and position of the ad. Adsense ads displayed on the web page, their shape, color, location can be numerous combinations. You can spend a few hours a day trying every possible combination. But who would do such a stupid thing?

let me tell you a few basic things

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