The tragic world of Entrepreneurship the boss listed the second how to do

the "entrepreneurs" & I horse

Wang Miao Xu

I horse review: Modern Chinese, has always been the success of heroes, the explosive growth of the industry, I saw the boss in the BMW car laughing, not see the second bike cry.

"entrepreneurs" & I horse note that experienced capital mad for "Warring States", a melee fight, finally entered the harvest stage left for the king’s founder, did not dare to relax, especially after the industry leader finally listed bell, the founder of the original second bite very tight, enter a period of suffering: the boss will help bring just listed brand and capital advantage, sharpening, side pressure. Don’t let the market, can not wait for the acquisition of the second side, accomplish the whole task at one stroke, the formation can not shake the status of the industry.

The acquisition of

mob story I believe you have the acquisition of potatoes Youku also for having heard it many times, two years ago. In September 19th, a leader in the field of China car Shenzhou car rental market in Hongkong, after half a month, the "second" Hey also submitted IPO application, its fate will be? We don’t know, but "entrepreneurs" & after I horse tried to check in recent years several typical industry leader listed, second ending perhaps, to inspire you.



potatoes: the first application after the listing was forced by the investor pressure and Youku merger

now recall, if potatoes listed earlier than Youku, the outcome will change after the event.

November 9, 2010, Wang Wei, founder of potatoes submitted IPO application, hoping to beat Youku at the time of listing. Unexpectedly, the month before his wife suffered property disputes, plans to be stranded. The second day, the lawsuit filed by his ex-wife, Shanghai, Xuhui District people’s court ruled that the freezing of shares under the name of Wang Wei’s three companies, including potatoes, which holds a stake of up to 95%.

this ruling, so that Wang Wei missed listing opportunity, although IPO has been submitted, but has not yet passed the application.

a few days later, in November 16th, Youku Koo also submitted to the United States IPO application. December 8th, Youku listed on the New York Stock exchange. The first day of trading, the stock rose 161%, market capitalization of about $3 billion. You know, at the time of Youku and Tudou users and revenue size have little difference about the same.

in this way, Wang Wei’s first was snatched away by rivals. IPO submitted 9 months later, in August 17, 2011, Tudou finally listed on the Nasdaq, the market value of $700 million, only Youku 1/4.

Wang Wei choose the timing is not good. In that year, the number of shares in the United States several times was short, accompanied by the u.s.. Therefore, until the potatoes are listed on the eve, "has been rumored to be acquired as the shadow follows the form. It is said that in April 2011, Youku will negotiate with the acquisition of

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