The overall downturn in the online advertising industry is not a wise choice to launch Ali mother

Ma Yun’s webmaster industry, launched an online advertising online intermediary platform Ali mother, although that is one innovation, Taobao mode of operation of the online advertising market, but from the moment of its birth, but as a freak, subject to the market and the head of the test. But from the current situation, Ali’s mother’s market outlook is still worrying.

first look at Ali’s mother advertised integrity. Do Wangzhuan friends know, Ali mother for new opportunities appear some master hands Wangzhuan flow technology provides fast "build up the family fortunes. A lot of people in the webmaster forum to reflect, through the acquisition of traffic, the use of click on the way to cheat advertising software, Ali mother simply can not identify. In addition, by the end of June, there are a number of owners to use Ali mother to buy multiple advertising functions, a large number of acquisitions but do not pay and then cancel the transaction, thereby defrauding traffic click. Whether it is the integrity of the system and integrity of the webmaster, Ali mother and not a good reflection.

look at Ali’s mother coverage. From the Ali Mama advertising, is the use of the fabric of the long tail theory of small owners. But how much is really valuable small and medium sites, in fact, most of the money to do the small and medium-sized webmaster are known as garbage station, continuous collection and SEO search engines to get traffic. However, such a station is very easy to be blocked by the search engine, because they themselves are not contributing to the value of the Internet and is constantly in the production of garbage. In the long run, with the continuous improvement of search technology, garbage station living space will become smaller and smaller.

finally look at the online advertising agency industry, Ali mother as a new pattern industry pioneer, he is still in the burn stage, and its follower "billion" to report "competition" is still no good profit. Especially the 08 years of the mom in the online advertising market spoiler, the whole industry downturn hitherto unknown. A list of the most accurate marketing standards of CPS and CPL service providers who are miserable.

through a large number of visits to the survey, the majority of the main source of revenue is still from the Baidu alliance and Google Adsence. Of course, I do not deny that the views of the advertising agency market and Ali mother’s grasp of the long-term market. Just think, in a stage not fully standardized and are still in the exploratory phase of the new model and the development of the Internet, Ali mother is not the best profit for small owners choice, especially hard to do the "regular" station.

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