Do not rely on advertising by word of mouth Google successful Revelation

      according to foreign media reports, Google has created a growth model of enterprises in the age of the Internet, they no longer rely on traditional advertising to promote the brand, but rely on the user’s word of mouth. Occupy the dominant position in the online advertising industry, Google, advertising has become the most stingy Internet Co.

since 2001, Google company has been from the network advertising revenue of $about thirty billion, however, Google is rarely in newspapers and magazines, radio or television advertising, but can become the world famous brand known to every family.

brand expert Mark · Hughes said: "this is like Google have a cultural allergy for advertising, Google always keep a cool feature, it has become a great advantage to them."


advertising saves a lot of resources of the liberation of Google, these funds can be used in the needs of engineers, hardware and other search engine development projects, in addition to leave more profits for investors to maintain the excitement, while the share price rising.

some marketing experts believe that Google has become a typical enterprises in the Internet age, that they can not or rarely need to do advertising can grow quickly, this type of company also includes the video sharing site Youtube, two Myspace and Facebook dating site.

this trend in 1999 and 2000 when the Internet has and is a world of difference. At that time, the Internet companies competing to buy football games and other advertising, advertising content than an exaggeration, but ultimately can not stand out from peers.

in terms of cost savings, the two founders of Google Brin and Paige has set an example, they start to believe that the search engine for only $one hundred thousand for a start-up capital, advertising is not a sensible thing. With the rapid development of the Google search business, Google has received billions of dollars in advertising revenue, but Google is not keen on advertising has been maintained.

Google believes that as advertisers get the latest technology for target customers directly, the practice of advertising will become more common in more companies. Google’s Chief Marketing Officer David ·, Roy said that the development of online advertising is at a juncture, which will change the status quo and the future of marketing.

currently, there are about three hundred thousand advertisers in the Google advertising platform advertising, mostly with the user search results together with the text link advertising. The purpose of Google is to show ads in front of the eyes of those who are most interested in the content, G>

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