A few suggestions to make money no Wangzhuan friends

whether you are new or old, if you do not make money, you can look at this article.

1 you are not in all day thinking about whether their income increase, the account is more of a few good? If it is, then you thought Wangzhuan have serious problems. As a student day score, do a few exercises to solve, we all know that this is counterproductive. It is said that the soldiers who do not want to be generals are not good soldiers, but most of the generals who want to be generals were killed. People don’t want to make money is not a good Wangzhuan, so most people want to make money online Wangzhuan owners buried by competitors.

2 you are not in the back of the day with others, to see who made money, received the money, the account number more, and then follow up. Then I tell you, you’ll never get it. Lu Xun said: to be the first person to eat crab. You don’t dare to eat. Others eat you eat cooked head? Stir others to eat, you eat beef broth. Eat your own personality.

3 I’ve been imitated, never surpassed. This is a hacker often play cattle X said a word, repeatedly cited. So are we going to imitate others all day and never go beyond others, let alone go beyond ourselves?. For example: the Google method on the search alliance, when I was just joined soon had the higher blog out. Nano disk of the method, but many people are exactly the same copy down. Does that make sense? Do you think that the 50 IP of a day can bring you click? The two word, beyond. Beyond, but also to learn to change. Later, the dynamic call out of the Google, and then the advanced version of the Google search out. These are technical breakthroughs, not to mention. So we can reorganize the existing, the maximum optimization. For example, recently, I put a coalition of the code, put the player in the middle, the player is the original CPA download and install the template, just a small change, the results are not the same. Click rate is considerable, the effect is very ideal. Why is it so, because it is too eye-catching, text matching, not to be attracted to blame. The teacher long a sentence: by analogy. Right? Someone heard? Of? No Wangzhuan not dead, is not so difficult, keep a kind of fun, fun. Money is the result of the value we create.

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