Wangzhuan is not what you got but what you give

when individual owners become a kind of occupation, when more and more 80, 90 after a successful example in front of us, see a day to earn 500 yuan, or even more publicity, we can not help to say Wangzhuan really is on our side.

when we join this avant-garde industry, but there are a lot of people in the name of the banner of high returns to recruit so-called offline". As a blend in a circle a few years old, it is necessary to name the wangzhuan!

in order to be successful in the Internet to make money, and lasting, steady rise in money, then the most important thing is not what you get, but what you give the user content. When you master this truth, and can persevere, then you will be closer to the road to success.

we observe the development of the entire Internet industry, most of them are free banner to get high returns. QQ free chat, but rely on value-added services to make Baidu from the early awfully; for the portal provides search technical support to their own free search for users, also make very happy. Other Sina, Sohu and other content on the site, not free to provide users with access, but they earn a high advertising costs.

perhaps, these bigwigs are far from us. So tell us about the personal webmaster. You have seen a few owners rely on the money to make a successful model, on the contrary most of them are to provide free services, profit through other models. In other words, by first giving the user, and then get.

I know a personal webmaster, he spent more than a year to collect the 1500GB video training seminars. Includes all aspects of the content, and then he established the rapid success of the video site (, for those who need to provide services. Although the fee based services, but we analyze, in the ordinary CD disk as an example, 1500GB need to burn 2500 to Zhang Guangpan, the current market is the most low-end CD CD as an example, to each 1-2 element, 2500 pieces of about 2500-5000 yuan. This is not the time to burn, labor costs, not to calculate the collection, the cost of the purchase of these content. The price of the sale of these resources is just a piece of mobile hard disk prices. The equivalent of spending less money to buy a 1500GB super large capacity of the mobile hard disk, and the direct purchase is different you also get an extra 1500GB high quality content. In other words: the product gives the user a very large additional value, and these additional value does not require additional spending. As the user is concerned, and Why not?


he said, although many users, even many owners bought his resources, and then resell the goods, but also make a lot of money, but he did not worry about the resulting loss of users, because his resources are constantly updated, to provide users with additional value increasing, he >

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