How to make money with Google Adwords

How to use

Google AdWords to make money? The first thing is to have a Google AdWords account, then the charge is money (now seems to have free 500 yuan in advertising, you can try!), here we talk about money steps.

1, find what you want to promote products, services. For example, you can do a Taobao customer, find some rebate and the higher price of popular products! Of course you can find foreign products, similar to the Taobao customer called Affiliate, sometimes the successful promotion of a product or a service (such as insurance), the Commission amounted to tens of dollars.

2, optimize your ad. It is best to include some key words, a number of induced advertising. These words should be people looking for the product or service and the most easy to think, you can look at your own search habits, then compared to other people, can also see some reference search keywords relevant search keywords bring.

3, keyword bid. Log in to your Google AdWords account, and then submit some ads with the corresponding keywords. Put the link with your agent ID in the target URL area, and then give you a list of each keyword bid.

4, the above basically completed the Adwords ad, the latter is the continuous optimization of advertising and sum up experience.

then, when potential customers through the search keywords, see your AdWords ads, click on your ad in your area URL web site to buy something, or fill in the registration form, and then you will receive a commission. If the customer did not buy things at that time, do not have to be disappointed, many businesses will be on the site of the customer’s computer to leave a period of time (such as 180 days) cookie. This means that, at any time within six months, if the customer comes back and registers or buys a product, you’ll get a commission. It’s easy to say, hard to do, personally think that is indeed the case, the above for the novice, really difficult to do, however, beginners can take a look at this tutorial: Beating AdWords Chinese version, the electronic tutorial will guide you how to operate the Adwords advertising. (there are other tutorials online, we can look at)

with the above methods and ideas, you can immediately start making money, and even do not have to build a website. Once you find a good project, even a single web page, you can make money. Early may not have a lot of profit, but as you continue to sum up the experience, the money is also more slowly up!

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