nSenz first advertising fee to the webmaster

      InSenz community marketing alliance first round of mobile advertising costs have been sent to the Union Station owners.

InSenz launched the theme stickers advertising can make the site without sacrificing the user experience of the community at the same time, there is still a steady source of income and long-term business, so we will always use the InSenz community marketing alliance." The first to experience the InSenz system network chief Zhang Weiru said saipan.

since mid May, more than 40 Comsenz integration Discuz! Owners launched InSenz community marketing alliance, for a variety of experience and comments that can be heard without end InSenz. The success of the first round throw mobile phone communications Fetion, such as Samsung and MOTO advertisers, it is triggered a great concern of the majority of owners and the media.

accepted as mobile phone advertising to try Zhang Wei said, InSenz is the biggest feature of the innovation community launched the "invisible" advertising theme stickers advertising, this form of advertising will not affect the use of members of the forum experience, at the same time advertising content and forum type has a certain matching degree, is a supplement to the additional the contents of the forum, so easy to accept by the webmaster.

to help the owners to make money, InSenz launched a good performance. Zhang Wei said: "after adding to the InSenz system, I found a surprise in the use process, put the cost comparison from the advertising point of view, Google Adsense is even higher than that, not on the Baidu theme promotion and Yahoo directional promotion." NOKIA mobile phone forum webmaster Wu Peng also has deep feeling, "NOKIA mobile phone forum has successfully launched 4 InSenz marketing activities, and achieved very good results, I will help the InSenz Forum’s popularity into real money."

it is understood that the InSenz community marketing alliance in May 10th began to launch mobile phone advertising, there are 200 or so mobile forums successfully accepted the launch activities, they will receive an amount ranging from advertising revenue. Relevant responsible person said that the first round of mobile phone advertising advertising costs have been involved in the success of the settlement is completed, the owners can now have your login InSenz platform, tax free of charge.

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