SP transformation opportunities targeting digital music

China’s first SP (wireless value-added service provider) on the acquisition of the traditional record company, so that a period of time to SP company’s pursuit of the original music reached a white hot. In November 14th, Hurray (NASDAQ:HRAY) announced the acquisition of private label record Feile 60% stake and renamed Hurray feile.

The first case of SP (

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this generous offer, before the company to Huayi Brothers signed the "super girl" Jane Zhang move quickly in the SP two with the record industry made waves. Digital music has become a hot topic in the industry, some analysts even believe that Internet companies and traditional music companies or "grafting" will directly influence and even change the music industry value chain structure and profit model.

the RIAA figures show that the first half of 2005, the digital music market share by about 1.5% over the same period in 2004 increased to more than 4%.

recently released market research firm NPD group said the data,

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