DDMAP COM from the domain name of the entrepreneurial insistence and innovation

technology will not change the whole world overnight, but in a bit, subtle influence, and promote change. The Internet is so gradually people’s lives is not the same as before, at the same time, inject fresh blood for more and more traditional industries, innovative business ideas and business models become possible. Many companies face the era of innovation, had to adjust their business models. How to adjust? Stick or transformation? The tide in the development of the Internet, the enterprise to create a most suitable for their own reform program: adhere to the original advantage at the same time, efforts to develop innovation, is the key to success. Tintin Network (ddmap.com) is such a business.


Ding Ding, vice president, co-founder Zhang Feng

, formerly known as the "Tintin Tintin Network Map", was founded in 2006 in Shanghai, focused on the map service. Experienced a series of reforms, Ding Ding has now become a combination of location technology and search technology for the city people to provide accurate information service life of high-tech Internet companies to provide the service life of the local people, and focus on the development of the mobile terminal business "Ding Ding offers, at every step and stick to the original advantage and make conform to the era of innovation. At present, Tintin Network has 9 million white-collar users, as well as more than 20 thousand businesses paying.

face innovation, do not forget to adhere to

from 2005 to now, Tintin Network has been with the pace of development of the Internet, but still insist on, such as the domain name to, and to provide the best user experience.

was first established, in the selection of top-level domain name, domain name Tintin Network team’s global recognition, safety, stability and easy to search, decided to choose the international domain name.Com. In the selection of two domain names, Ding Ding network in order to facilitate the user to select the memory, "Ding Ding" the first letter of the alphabet "DD" and the word "map" English map, then there is a now familiar "ddmap". Once the ddmap.com on-line, it was greatly welcomed by the people. Before going out to use "map" map query, has become the 8 million Shanghai white-collar user habits. In addition to the query transfer routes, bus stations, bus lines, and driving routes and other traffic, Ding Ding network also provides local information search service, thematic map, find a house, looking for work and other series of services, which brings great convenience for people’s life.

in 2008, Tintin Network conducted a series of changes, the original map service website into the local consumer service website. Although the change, Tintin Network always keep to provide the best user experience to always ensure accuracy safety and stability and dependability, information search site and provide rich life service information, always use the original domain name ddmap.com. In >

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