Liu Erchuang is it really easy to make a profit

some friends want to see group operation of bidding to make money, but do not know how to start to tell the truth, I am not a master, ha, Adwords optimization technology in general, mainly playing the content network, Sogou promotion is not to say, as for the promotion of Baidu I’ve played in general, buy advertising auction, flow alliance bidding, written before (Liu Erchuang: the auction has 5 conditions to make money first) such an article, we look at the proposal, I believe you must have finished the harvest.

originally two Chuang is not to play the theory of people, the theory of things will not write directly to a few of my typical case for example:

first failed: let’s not the other, said the first time I got for it, tell the truth, the first time I really do not Ren products, but a kind of educational products, then search through Adwords network, the account is first rushed more than and 500 points, I was on Adwords the search network settings can hardly understand, I put the price adjustment is 27 yuan, because I understand how, I think there is a big price relationship (and the fact that high click rate click rate and price has great relation), the quality of these also understand, but I did not expect 27 a click on the average click price later is 7 dollars, the click rate is 11%, when I was ready to change the price of advertising through the audit, but to forget, that is just something, so a waste of 1 days of advertising, the The ceiling is more than and 200, without an order, and later made more than 1 days, until the advertising spend, have an order and finally a refund, but half a keyword quality score to 10, then I call the mobile phone number, space for GoDaddy, do their own customer service is lost about 500.

second: second successful success exist in great luck, few problems when I consider the truth, do Ren activities, although the case said, here I say it, then know this doll what you want to do, then casually looking for a web page, and then bought a YAHOO the domain name (15 dollars), 50 yuan (Hongkong space when I finally do not refund, then again) I take the product and shipping products, 53KF trial with customer service system, a website with the product, and then is the traffic problem, buy in when the traffic flow of the Union and spent 70 dollars, because the union of little traffic, only one day over more than and 100 IP, 70 dollars to flow when I didn’t do as well as 20.30 dollars, then first single turnover is second days to do, earn is about 400, the 5 day A total of 3.4 single transaction, no reason to return, and finally do is because of a customer that the goods is rubbish, people like, I was stupid Baji say impossible, then he gave me a screenshot, I know the network >

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