Association for targeted advertising alliance webmaster to join the elite

  joint report (, the full name: "multidimensional association directed advertising". According to the needs of the enterprise product, the advertising content will be multi-dimensional correlation matching, released to the major media sites, free display, visitors click on the effect of marketing advertising. Since its release, the technology and services have been improved by the owners of small and medium enterprises. Especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang private entrepreneurs to inquire, advertising business owners of 10000, more than 95% business owners to reflect the effect is very good. Joint report in early 2007 the country signed hundreds of agents, Sina and other portals repeatedly reported that the United States and the United States to make contribution to the effect of marketing.

1, college degree or above, familiar with website cooperation and market promotion,
2, 2 years in a large web media cooperation department or the Department of business development experience; maintain good relationship with the />3,
5 and
6, doing personal webmaster is preferred.

candidates please send your resume to [email protected] or QQ 2004375.

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