Wang Tong talk less about the concept want to make money

Every year will come out a few new terms, new concepts, there may be many sites rely on the concept of flicker to venture capital, but more to follow the new concept of entrepreneurs who have embarked on a road of no return. When flicker to venture capital to put less money when the public, many followers of the entrepreneurial failure, some entrepreneurs have just discovered that all concepts are empty!

today and everyone together to discuss the concept and business problems, here to share with you some very simple questions and answers, likely to inspire you:

1, need not to need the concept of entrepreneurship?

2, why need business concept?

concept is to do service for marketing, a new concept can help you with low cost to do marketing!

3, the new concept of

to marketing, marketing is for what?

4, sales of products and services for what?

5, how to make money?

General in three ways:

1, investment: make your money work for you!

2, selling products: your product is higher than the cost price to sell, make money.

3, sale service: provide valuable service to your customers, and then obtain the corresponding reward.

Effect of

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